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Friday, August 3, 2012

{ What Is It? }

Any thoughts? I try to equally spread the love here at home! ;) pupps (4 of 1)


  1. Peanut butter in the babies toys.... WHOOHOOO...

  2. Yep, peanut butter in the doggie toys. Keeps them occupied for quite a while and is funny to watch them eat:)

  3. why are they in ice? confused. but love your new blog

  4. Its a Kong! (: my pup had one of those and she loved it (: sadly it was lost in the move and we haven't bought another one ):
    We used to put our kong in the freezer over night with PB in it (:
    Hope your doggies enjoy!

  5. Yep.....they are the little Kongs.....it was Chloe's first one....she had NO idea what to do with it but Stella sure did.....Kathy I freeze it so it is more work to get it out....the thought....to keep them busy longer! lol Who know's????? lol

  6. It is a doggie Kong that you fill with peanut butter for your pet. Our dog
    just love it.